Preschool Health and Nutrition

Are you doing everything you can to protect the health of your children?

Antioxidants are a vital part of preschool health and nutrition. The earlier you expose your child to antioxidants, the better off they'll be. Why?

The Free Radical Theory of Aging. (Click here to find out more about it) Now that science shows that free radicals are responsible for the symptoms of aging and the development of disease, the sensible thing is to minimize the damage as best you can.

The key is that the free radical damage is cumulative. This means that every exposure to a free radical adds up over the years until it gets to the point where there is so much damage that it comes out as a symptom or a disease.

So it only makes sense that you want to stop the free radical damage as early as possible. How?


That's why antioxidants should be a key part of your preschool health and nutrition plan.

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Did you know that the life expectancy of children born today is actually less than their parents? Never before in history has that been the case. Between our environment and diet, they will be exposed to much more damaging free radicals over their lifetime than any generation before. Isn't that scary?

I know it's hard to believe when you look at your child- he's got so much energy and she looks so healthy. But the damage that leads to disease is already happening.

Your body takes a lot of damage before you notice anything. By the time you develop symptoms and/or are diagnosed with a disease, 80% of the damage is already done. That's why it's so hard to fix it at that point.

Did you know that heart disease is already visible in the arteries of teens? The damage starts in early childhood, but the symptoms don't show up till late adulthood. Ditto for pretty much every other disease you can think of.

So doesn't it make sense to focus your preschool health and nutrition to minimize this free radical damage as much as possible?

Lots and lots of antioxidants is what you need to do this.

Antioxidants are mostly concentrated in fruits and vegetables. The more colorful, the better. For most children, the fruit is no problem. The veggies- problem. Combine this with a child's small appetite and the fact that you really do need a LOT of antioxidants.

Without going into boring detail, I need to stress that it's physically impossible to get enough antioxidants with diet alone. Even an adult can't do it.

That's why supplements are the key to good preschool health and nutrition

Whatever you do, don't buy your child's vitamins in a store though!!!! You will NOT get the results you were hoping for.

The stores are full of children's multivitamins that aren't worth the packaging they're in. And don't let the popularity fool you.

If you don't believe that the supplements in the stores are garbage, click here to read about the atrocious quality of adult supplements. It's the same ineffective "regulations" for children's supplements.

Not to mention the fact that every children's vitamin I've ever seen has some vitamins and minerals in them, but no antioxidants. Which is the entire point of supplementing. Even the pickiest child isn't deficient in the main vitamins & minerals.

And most (if not all) have vitamin A in them too. Never should you take vitamin A in a supplement. Why? It doesn't take much per day to accumulate and cause vitamin A toxicity, which is pretty serious. It's easily absorbed from foods anyway and any extra is stored in the liver. By the way, you definitely don't want extra if you're pregnant- it's very teratogenic (causes birth defects).

It is suspected that there are many undiagnosed chronic vitamin A toxicity cases because symptoms are kind of vague and the daily requirements of your body are actually much lower than once thought. Instead, supplements should only have beta-carotene. Your body easily makes vitamin A from beta-carotene if it needs it. If not, it's a great antioxidant, so you benefit from it no matter what. And there's no toxic accumulation.

A lot of children's vitamins have iron in them as well, which is also a really bad idea. Why? Extra iron is a major oxidant (that means it's causing free radical damage to cells). So you only want enough to make the red blood cells that you need.

There is a fine line between not having enough iron and having too much, especially in children. It's so important for their growth and brain development, but having too much is just as bad as not enough. The thing is that most children in developed countries are not iron deficient. If you're not sure, check with a dietician or even have your child's blood tested.

My recommendation for an antioxidant supplement that can not only improve your child's current health, but prevent future health problems...

I have discovered a high quality supplement that has lots of antioxidants as well as all the other nutrients children's bodies need. It's the perfect addition for your child's preschool health and nutrition.

As soon as your child is 1 year old, they're ready for the supplement. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to use brand names on my website, but if you simply fill out the response form at the bottom of this page, you'll instantly receive an e-mail with the information you need to keep your child healthy.

It really is hard to find a good one- unfortunately, poor quality children's supplements seem to be the rule rather than the exception.

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An added bonus of having these supplements as part of your children's preschool health and nutrition program is how little they get sick compared to other children. You know how school and daycare is- one child gets sick and then they all bring it home.

Antioxidants are natural immune system boosters. And since the supplements are giving them lots of these as well as all the nutrients they need for their body to function properly, their immune systems are working at peak efficiency.

Unfortunately, I didn't discover these children's supplements until my oldest was in grade 2. But what an absolutely amazing difference compared to her previous 3 years of school.

For example, the year before I started giving her the supplements, she was sick from September right through to Christmas with something or other. You think I'm exaggerating, but I swear I'm not. She was healthy for maybe 10-14 days during that whole time. And it's not because she is some sickly thing- she is an otherwise healthy and active child.

Since starting on the supplements, both of my children are ridiculously healthy- they get 1-2 colds per year (far less than the 6-8 average for a child).

When they do get sick, it's hardly noticeable too. It definitely doesn't slow them down and it's gone by the 4th or 5th day. It really is amazing when you compare it to their classmates. Even surrounded by sickness, they usually don't pick it up.

The supplements are worth it if you only look at that as far as I'm concerned. A major fringe benefit of optimal preschool health and nutrition.

Sorry, I tend to get a little excited about that added bonus. As a parent, I'm sure you understand how upsetting and stressful it is to have a sick child.

Basically the bottom line is, an antioxidant supplement is essential for the best preschool health and nutrition.

So complete the following form and find out which supplement actually works with results you will notice.

Don't waste your money or your child's health on poor quality vitamins.

Don't worry, I will only use your information to send you the recommendation. I will NEVER sell or rent it to anyone. Promise!

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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