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My name is Kristy Russ. I am the renegade pharmacist and functional medicine personal health coach with over 20 years of experience in helping people improve and preserve their health. The advantage of my specialized education and medical experience allows me to better pinpoint the underlying causes of your health problems, which is infinitely more effective than the standard medicine approach. My professional background has provided me with insightful resources and valuable tools in accomplishing significant holistic results.

With expertise in functional medicine, my focus as a personal health coach is on natural and nutritional interventions. My goal has always been to make my work as a pharmacist obsolete by empowering people to take control of their health. I emphasize realistic changes that anyone can achieve and work individually with clients to tailor recommendations to their specific needs and lifestyles.

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My Personal Story

Here’s one of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn about your health: Don’t let anyone blame your health problems on “getting older”. There’s nothing “normal” about feeling crappy. What IS normal is to feel great and have excellent health right through old age until you die.


I know this because I was actually well on my way into the downhill spiral of “normal aging”. I started having knee pain in my late 20’s. I knew I would get it eventually- I’ve always been heavily into sports and walking around for 9 hours a day on a concrete floor doesn’t help matters, but I was expecting it in my 50’s or 60’s, not my 20’s! By the end of a work day, my knees were absolutely aching. I started taking anti-inflammatory painkillers, but I knew those were only a bandaid to the problem. So I spent over 2 years and a lot of money trying a whole bunch of different things that were supposed to fix the underlying problem but nothing helped.

In the meantime, I’d started a family and I had some pregnancy weight that never seems to want to leave. Every year I’d also gain a couple of extra pounds and by the time my youngest turned 5, I was almost 30 pounds overweight and my knees were constantly aching. At this point, 2 things really scared me: First, I thought I was going to have to quit playing basketball- I’ve been playing competitive basketball for years and it’s something I’m truly passionate about. But the pain in my knees was getting to the point that I realistically couldn’t keep playing and I was devastated. The second thing that scared me was that I’d seen my situation enough times in the pharmacy to know where this was heading.

I was shocked and, to be honest, I felt ripped off- I’d been “doing all the right things- eating properly, exercising regularly, taking vitamins, I never smoked, rarely drank- I definitely followed all my own advice. These kinds of problems are only supposed to happen to people who don’t take care of themselves.

Being the geeky, scientist-type that I am, I started doing a LOT of research to figure out how to stop the path my life was taking. I found a lot of information that they don’t tell you in pharmacy or medical school.

Once I applied what I had learned, within a couple of months my knee pain was gone. And I mean totally gone- no painkillers required. After 3 months, all of the extra weight was gone too (right back to my pre-pregnancy weight), and I’ve kept it off for over 4 years now. There were even some added bonuses in there: I stopped getting sick (which is shocking being around all those germs everyday), my sleep is fabulous (no more of that waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning for no particular reason), and I have lots of energy again.

Do you know what the sad part about my story is? The principles that fixed my problems are the same principles that fix almost all health problems but most people still don’t know this information and so they’re suffering needlessly.

That’s why I decided to start personal health coaching. I saw how much people were struggling to do the right things and still not getting any results. Because it’s not really about the information- I can give you all the information I have, but without the background knowledge to know what YOU need to do and when to do it, it’s just as useless as all the wrong information that’s out there.

You need someone with the expertise to interpret your unique situation.
Using my comprehensive functional medicine approach, once I started working one-on-one with people, the results they got were literally life-changing.

I can honestly say that I’ve helped more people with personal health coaching than I have in my entire 20 years as a pharmacist (which is sad, but unfortunately the way our medical system is). Once I realized what a huge difference this makes for someone’s life, I knew that I needed to step out from behind the pharmacy and really start making a difference.

Find out more about me on my health coaching website

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