The Best Antioxidant Supplement:
Are you getting what you're paying for?

You need to find the best antioxidant supplement for your own, unique needs now that you understand the importance of antioxidants and supplementing. (If you missed this critical discussion, click here.)

You can choose the best antioxidant supplement for yourself easily and quickly by following the eight steps I’ve listed below. These are so important that I have dedicated this entire web page to explaining them to you in easy-to-follow detail.

The majority of supplements do not meet these eight, simple guidelines and are of such poor quality that they are a waste of your time and money.

We all want the very best value for our money. That includes buying quality products that meet or exceed our specific health needs.

I did extensive, critical research to compile this list because I know not everyone has the time, desire and background knowledge to do as thorough a job for themselves.

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Choose the best antioxidant supplement –
the one that’s right for you –
by following these eight steps:

  1. You need pharmaceutical-grade standards in your antioxidant supplement to make sure you're getting exactly what you want and your body needs.

    Pharmaceutical grade ensures the following:

    • Ingredients that go into the product are tested for purity and potency first to make sure that they really are what they’re supposed to be.

    • Every tablet has exactly the ingredients and quantities that the label says it has.

    • It doesn’t have anything extra you don’t want and that might be harmful to you. Lead, mercury and PCBs are often found in supplements today because these exist throughout our environment. You don’t need to worry about other “contaminant” plants that get harvested concurrently which might end up in the product either.

    • Each dose will dissolve 100% in your system. Did you know that in a recent study, 54% of U.S. and Canadian products tested didn’t even dissolve? If it doesn’t dissolve, you will get none of the health benefits from the product.
    antioxidant supplements

    The fact is, most products do NOT meet these simple criteria and are not pharmaceutical grade.

    Many just meet the minimum standard – which are food-grade regulations. That just means that a product is not harmful to eat.

    To get the maximum health benefits, you need pharmaceutical grade when you're selecting the best antioxidant supplements.

  2. Just because a product dissolves, doesn’t mean it’s actually absorbed into your system. So you need to be sure that your supplements are highly bioavailable.

    To use the beneficial ingredients in a supplement, your body needs to be able to absorb them. Many supplements have cheaper versions of the ingredients that are difficult for your body to absorb. Many tablets may have the ingredients you need, but not in a form that your body can use, making them worthless.

  3. The best antioxidant supplement doesn't have un-researched ingredients that can be a hazard to your body and your overall health.

    Strange herbal products and supplements are flooding the marketplace with claims of all kinds of health benefits. Many of these have not been tested for long-term safety.

    In fact, just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean that it’s safe. Black cohosh, a popular herbal for many centuries, was recently linked to liver damage. Just because it has been used for years, doesn’t mean that it's safe.

  4. You want to make sure of the quality of the product you are using, so the best antioxidant supplement will be made “in-house”.

    A company that makes its own products has full control over the product as opposed to one that “contracts out” the manufacture of its supplements. Quality control is paramount to the efficacy of supplements. Jobbing out to foreign factories is a common practice but one with huge risks of contamination and definitely shortcuts in quality.

    You need to trust that the company you purchase your supplements from has control over each step of the manufacturing process so that you get the peace of mind of a pure, contaminant free, quality supplement.

  5. You will have confidence and peace of mind in your supplements if they have been tested for purity and potency by an independent laboratory.

    You want an outside, independent company testing your supplements and certifying that they actually do meet the pharmaceutical grade standards listed above. Cutting corners on quality is a huge problem in the supplement industry.

  6. antioxidant supplements

  7. The best antioxidant supplement has a large variety of antioxidants so you get the most benefit.

    Antioxidants work synergistically, which means they help each other work. They do a better job together than they would by themselves. When it comes to antioxidants, 5+5 equals 30 rather than 10. That means you’ll get better results if you take many different kinds, rather than higher doses of just a few.

  8. The best antioxidant supplement gives you all the vitamins, minerals and micronutrients your body needs without having to compare and contrast labels.

    Vitamins, minerals and micronutrients are all important to build healthy cells and for proper functioning of your body. It is extremely important to get all the nutrients you need everyday.

    Antioxidants are necessary for some cell functions, but their big claim to fame is protecting your cells from damage. If you don’t have all the nutrients you need to have healthy cells in the first place, why worry about antioxidants to protect them? You wouldn’t put a fancy security system in a worthless old rusted car, right? Same idea. So the best antioxidant supplement would basically give your cells everything they need to function optimally.

  9. Don’t waste your time and money on a supplement that claims to do everything in a single dose.

    It would be impossible to get everything your body needs into a single pill- it would be the size of a golf ball! In fact, your body cannot possibly absorb and use everything it needs all at once anyway.

    Even though you might think that one pill saves you time and money, it really doesn’t because one dose can never meet all your needs.

Following this list of guidelines will ensure that you don’t waste your time, your money, or your health, on products that are not certified pure, safe and bioavailable.

If you want to achieve better health and an optimal functioning body, then you must insist on the best antioxidant supplement that meets all of these eight criteria.

And, if you want to save yourself months of painstaking research to find the best antioxidant supplement for your unique needs, just click here to get my recommendation.

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