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Do you want to live forever?

Antioxidant antiaging is almost a redundant term. At it's most basic level, aging is really just the deterioration of your cells. That deterioration is caused by free radical damage. So if you can slow that damage (hello antioxidants), then you can slow aging. Learn more about the Free Radical Theory of Aging...

Note that I said "slow", not "stop". I'm not going to insult your intelligence and imply that you can actually STOP aging with antioxidants. That would be ridiculous. But antioxidant antiaging is about as close to the fountain of youth as you can get.

This is Jack Lalanne. Guess how old he is in this picture? Go ahead, make a guess....

antioxidant antiaging

He is 93 years old in this picture! Really!

He is a perfect example of how it's very possible to be old and healthy at the same time. He's in better shape than most 20 year olds for crying out loud! His great health is not completely attributed to antioxidants- he has had a lifetime of regular exercise and a healthy diet too. But what better proof can you get that it's very possible? Here's a great quote from him: "You gotta put in the right fuel or you’re gonna end up in the grave (sooner than later). Put the right stuff in that body, boy, and you’ll live a good lifespan."

Have you ever known anyone that is/was over 100 years old? If not, let me tell you what these people are like. They're usually ridiculously healthy right up until just before they die. Scientists did a study on these people to see what it was that made them so different from the average person. The only significant difference they could find was that the over 100 year olds had a higher amount of antioxidants in their bloodstream. There must be a gene that causes this difference, because longevity (long-life) seems to run in these families.

So there you have it- natural antioxidant antiaging. What if you're not lucky enough to be born into one of these families? And even if you are, what if you didn't inherit this gene? Well, you just have to make sure you're getting enough antioxidants to have that same antiaging result. Click here to find out how you get enough antioxidants....

Another example of antioxidant antiaging is an ongoing experiment by Dr. Myron Wentz, cellular biologist and world leader in cellular nutrition. He has some human cells in his lab that have been around since the 1970's that have no signs of deterioration! This was previously thought impossible. By providing optimal nutrition to the cells, which includes LOTS of different antioxidants, he has been able to basically stop aging. We'll likely all be dead by the time the experiment is over- he proposes that after 100 years, the cells will still not have aged. Of course, these are cells in a lab that are not exposed to all the toxic garbage that we are, but you get the idea.

Antioxidant antiaging works best if you start early. Antioxidants can definitely repair damage and encourage the growth of newer, healthier cells. But there's a limit to how far it can go. If you don't start till you're 50 and you're already feeling some aches & pains, antioxidants are not going to give you back your 20 year old body. Nice as that would be, it's just not realistic. You'll almost always see some kind of improvement (like maybe your body from 10 years ago), but there's only so much miracle they can do ;-)

Ideally you want to take advantage of antioxidant antiaging by starting when you're young and really do some serious prevention. Because here's the fact: once you start feeling symptoms, 80% of the damage is already done, so that's a lot to recover from. If you start when you're young, you're going to prevent that damage in the first place so it never gets to that 80%. I suppose the more accurate term would be antioxidant preventing-aging, but that just sounds weird.

Never mind any of the health benefits of antioxidant antiaging- what about getting rid of wrinkles? Wrinkles are really just damaged skin, so if you can prevent the damage... Voila! No wrinkles. I dedicate a whole page to antioxidant skincare...

Now click here to find out how to get enough antioxidants in your body to actually have the antiaging effect...

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