Antioxidants Skin Care

You need more than creams...

Usually when you talk about skin care, you're talking about things you're putting on your face. But when you're talking about antioxidants skin care products, the most effective way to get the benefits from antioxidants is to take an antioxidant supplement.

antioxidants skin care products

You want your skin cells loaded with antioxidants so the damage that causes all the signs of aging can be prevented.

Antioxidants skin care products that you apply will only be able to reach the outer layers of skin cells. (If they even penetrate the skin at all- most products don't. Click here to find the best topical antioxidants skin care products.)

BUT if you take an antioxidant supplement, the antioxidants are incorporated into your skin cells right when they're being made. Much more effective for preventing all those nasty lines, wrinkles, age spots....

Not to mention the other health benefits you'll get if you choose a quality antioxidant supplement. It only makes sense- after all, your skin is just a reflection of your overall health, right? In fact, people with skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc. generally have their conditions clear up with proper supplements alone- even with no change in their topical skin care. That's the power of proper nutrition!

Many skin care companies have finally figured this out and are coming up with vitamin lines they're calling "cosmeceuticals". In some ways, I find it laughable that they're touting these vitamins as the latest research- obviously, those of us in the nutrition loop have known about the skin side benefits of proper nutrition for years!

In many ways though I find it sad that they are charging unsuspecting women exorbitant amounts of money for really, really, really poor quality vitamins that don't do ANY good. I mean, do you really want a skin care company making your vitamins?

The reality is that it requires a LOT of technical know-how to make a quality supplement. Something that the majority of supplement companies don't do, let alone skin care companies.

But if you're not taking a high quality supplement, you're basically throwing your money away. Really.

Go to my best antioxidant supplement page to find one that will actually be effective and give you the results you're looking for.

The ideal for antioxidants skin care products is to have your skin bathed in antioxidants literally inside and out.

So all the great things you've heard about antioxidant skin care are in fact true BUT make sure you're using products that actually deliver or you're just wasting your money.

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