The Best Antioxidants
Skin Care Products

There are so many antioxidants skin care products on the market, how are you supposed to know which one to use?

You're smart to be checking it out, because almost all of the cosmetic companies have jumped on the antioxidant bandwagon. Unfortunately, there are more products out there that are completely useless than those that actually do any good. So the odds of you choosing a good one are pretty slim actually.

The thing is, putting antioxidants into skin care products is a technical and tricky process. To do it effectively. You can't just throw some vitamin C into an existing product and expect it to do any good. Unfortunately that's what most of the antioxidants skin care products out there actually do.

Here are the characteristics you need to look for to get a high quality product that will actually give you some results:

  • The best antioxidants skin care products are not in jar containers.
    Or anything else where the unused product is exposed to the air/fingers, etc. Just by how they work, once antioxidants are exposed to the air, they are "used up" very quickly.

    Because of this, within a few weeks of being opened a "jar-type" product will have virtually no antioxidant activity left. Ditto for any other "active" ingredients, like alpha hydroxy acids or other antiaging compounds. The majority of these are very sensitive to light and air. So after a few weeks, you're really only getting the moisturizing properties of your jar-type skin care products.

    Look for containers that have pumps or require squeezing a tube- anything that only exposes the product that is going to be immediately used.

  • antioxidants skin care products

  • The best antioxidants skin care products have technologies to keep the antioxidants potent for the life of the product.
    For some of the same reasons as above. To actually do some good, antioxidants need to be in a special form. Otherwise, they have a very short life or they're inactivated by the product itself or they stay in the product instead of getting into your skin cells.

  • The best antioxidants skin care products don't have chemical preservatives.
    Preservatives create a lot of free radicals, which kind of defeats the purpose of using antioxidant skin care products doesn't it? At best, chemical preservatives mean you're exposing your skin to more damaging free radicals. At worst, they could be toxic and lead to diseases like cancer. More research needs to be done on the latter statement, but there seems to be a strong correlation of the parabens and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives in skin care products and cancer. So why take the risk?

    Unfortunately, 99.8% of antioxidants skin care have chemical preservatives in them. They have to. Otherwise there'd be bacteria growing in them and they'd only last a couple of weeks. Especially the ones you're dipping your fingers in all the time.

  • The best antioxidants skin care products also have other anti-aging technologies.
    Sure, antioxidants are pretty amazing, but to get the results you're looking for, you'll need some other technologies as well. Combining products from different companies isn't usually a good idea, because they can work against each other and the product(s) that are applied after the first one will likely not even touch your skin anyway- so it won't do anything.

    And make sure the technologies have been clinically studied to be effective. There are a lot of unsubstantiated claims out there.

It's definitely "buyer beware" when it comes to antioxidants skin care products. The regulations for skin care are even worse than they are for supplements (assuming you've read this page already).

Basically, as long as it doesn't burn your skin, it's OK to sell. Whether it works or not doesn't matter whatsoever.

Therefore, there are all kinds of benefit claims companies use to entice you to buy their products. Most of which are completely false. I do a lot of eye rolling when I'm looking through magazines and I see their ads.

There is only 1 antioxidants skin care products line that meets all of the above characteristics.

If you're looking for real results in as little as 8 weeks, these are the products you want to be using. They're loaded with potent antioxidants and anti-aging technologies that have been clinically proven to increase moisture & elasticity, reduce the signs of aging AND even prevent new lines & wrinkles from forming!

Personally, I actually had 3 compliments on how young & rested I looked in a 2 week period only 10 weeks after I started using them!

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