The Myasthenia Gravis Treatment That Gave Me My Life Back!

by Sandy Murray
(Devon, Canada)

If you're looking for the best myasthenia gravis treatment, you have to hear my story...

Three years ago, I was forced to quit my dream job. I didn't "look" sick, but something was definitely wrong with my body.

I was dropping things, had double vision, had next to no energy, could barely walk a block, kept losing strength in my arms, legs, neck and my jaw would get tired chewing food. I fell down the stairs both inside my house and on the front porch. It was as if my legs just gave out with no warning.

A good day was getting out of bed, having a shower, then spending the remainder of the day resting so that I would hopefully have enough energy to cook supper.

Not much of a life.

After a year went by, waiting to see specialists and wondering if I was going out of my mind, I heard the words "myasthenia gravis" from my neuro-opthalmologist. "Mya...what?" was my first thought. He basically said that he would bet his career on the fact that I had myasthenia gravis.

As comforting as it was that someone finally knew what was wrong with me, I wondered, "How did I get this?" and "What do we do now?"

More tests were done by a myasthenia gravis specialist. He gave me a prescription and told me to return in 6 months to review how the myasthenia gravis treatment was working for me.

After another year and a half of me telling the specialist that the myasthenia gravis treatment was not working for me, I all but gave up on ever doing anything I wanted, whenever I felt like it. I felt trapped and robbed of my life, as I kept wondering why all of these supposed myasthenia gravis treatments were not working for me.

Then, along came my friend Kristy, who had watched me deteriorate over 3 years. She is also my pharmacist, so she knew what my medications were. She said, "It's obvious that this myasthenia gravis treatment isn't working for you. Why don't we try a different approach to get your body working properly and see what happens?"

I trusted her and her knowledge and thought, I may as well, since my "regular" myasthenia gravis treatment isn't helping me.

WOW! What a difference!

Within 2 weeks, I was feeling better. So much so, that on a Sunday afternoon I ran up and down 3 flights of stairs saying to my husband, "Look what I can do!" He was amazed! I hadn't been able to do that in so many years, even with the myasthenia gravis treatment.

Now, three months later, I am a new person. I have energy and strength, all day, every day. I have babysat an eight and nine year old for a week straight and I even tuckered them out! I am riding my bike daily to do errands. I even rode on a BMX track more than 50 times in a few days.

My hubby and I went to an outdoor festival in scorching 30 C degree heat, walked around there for 2 hours and then climbed 150 stairs leaving the festival site. I never could have done that 3 years ago, let alone 6 months ago!

What conventional myasthenia gravis treatment could not do for me, Kristy's advice has- it's given me my life back. And it was so simple!

I am excited about my life now! I can actually participate in it, rather than watch it pass me by.

I want everyone to know about the principles Kristy recommends. Especially if anyone else out there is not responding to the myasthenia gravis treatment given by their doctors. It can give you a new lease on life.

Reclaim your life!

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Oct 31, 2015
brook hill
by: john

It is delightful to read this post and i get much useful point through this post. Please keep posting such kind of post

Dec 09, 2014
It was optimizing her nutrient levels
by: Kristy Russ, BScPharm, APA

I helped Sandy get the optimal levels of nutrients her body needs. You can't physically get the optimal level of nutrients just from diet- for most people it shows up as "normal" signs of aging (a total myth by the way), but for some like Sandy, it shows up as an autoimmune disease.

I looked at her diet and her health problems and came up with a personalized regimen that would work best for her.

Click here to find out more about it.

Dec 08, 2014
What treatment was it
by: Anonymous

What treatment was it that you tried? I would love to see if it could help me as my regular meds aren't working x

Sep 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

What was it that you did to get your strength back?

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