How much antioxidants are in a smoothie?????

by kf

The amounts of vitamins or minerals is labeled on a bottle of smoothie or a container of fruit juice.

Does the amount of antioxidants or vitamins remain the same before the expiration date?

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Nov 28, 2013
In short, not very much...
by: Kristy Russ, BScPharm

The problem with liquids is that they're very unstable and lose their potency very quickly. (That's why I would never recommend liquid vitamins, but I digress...)

Macronutrient value (eg. carbs, protein, fats,etc.) remain stable throughout the life of the product, but vitamins and minerals decay at different rates and liquids tend to accelerate that.

Antioxidants are even worse, because they're neutralized as soon as they're exposed to air (because of the oxygen in the air). So it would depend how quickly the product was bottled after it was liquified, how much stirring and air incorporation happens during the production process,how antioxidant-rich the original foods were to begin with, etc...

For sure, once the seal is broken and the contents are exposed to air, there's not much antioxidant potency left after a day or two (and the vitamin and mineral potency doesn't last much longer).

On a side note, most commercially prepared smoothies are ridiculously high glycemic and contain very little nutritive value. It's always better to make your own with real fruit.

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