Is This Alternative Medicine Health Information?

A popular topic today is alternative medicine health information. Why? People want to avoid taking medicine because they don't want the problems that can come from them and they want to treat themselves "naturally".

I completely agree.

What's that? A pharmacist that thinks people shouldn't take pharmaceuticals?

alternative medicine health information

Unlike many people searching for alternative medicine health information , I don't think pharmaceuticals are evil, though. They are an important part of good healthcare. But we shouldn't wait until we get sick and then expect them to "fix" us.

What this website is all about is empowering you to use natural medicine to avoid the need for pharmaceuticals in the first place.

But is this really alternative medicine health information? Well, that all depends on what you consider alternative.

Many people consider herbal medicine alternative. In the fact that herbs are not traditional western medicine, they are alternative. Are they safer because they're "natural" though?

Absolutely not.

They are NOT natural to your body. Just like a pharmaceutical, herbals are foreign to your body. I don't know where the rumor ever got started that natural=safe and pharmaceuticals=bad.

Okay, let me clear this up right now: that is a HUGE myth being perpetrated and it's extremely frustrating. Arsenic is a natural "herb". I dare you to argue about the safety of taking that...

alternative medicine health information

Obviously, some pharmaceuticals can have some serious side effects. I'm not going to pretend otherwise. The fact is that herbals are the same. For example not long ago, black cohosh, which has been touted as a wonderful herb for menopausal symptoms, was discovered to cause serious liver toxicity in some people. For most people it's fine, but this serious side effect is an actual risk- just like pharmaceuticals.

Bottom line: if it's not something that your body was designed to use in normal functioning, it's a drug, whether it's natural or synthetic. Simple as that.

This website is about antioxidants and optimizing your nutrition. Doing this gets your body working the way it's supposed to, using nutrients that your body was "designed" to use. Then your body uses its own healing abilities to "fix" you and prevent health problems in the first place.

So in answer to the question of whether this is alternative medicine health information, my opinion is NO.

It is in fact the most effective, truly natural health information. So go check out the rest of the site to find out how to use truly natural ways to better health...

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