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Do you need a big kick in the butt?
April 17, 2013

This is the everything-you-need-to-know-to-be-as-healthy-as-possible newsletter, brought to you by Kristy Russ, pharmacist and health consultant. I have close to 20 years experience in helping people improve their health. I specialize in nutritional medicine, which is the secret of "true" preventative medicine. Yes, if I'm successful in getting people to follow my advice, I will put myself out of a job.

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Stop Procrastinating!
Your Health Won't Wait...

I must apologize for my tardiness in sending out this e-zine. For the last few weeks, I have been dedicating myself to saving the pharmacy profession here in Alberta. A few weeks ago, our provincial government announced its new budget, which included drastic cuts to pharmacy. So drastic that it's a certainty that many stores will be forced to close, jobs will be lost and patient care will definitely be gone.

As I was thinking on a topic for this e-zine, I realized the similarities between our situation and people's relationship with their health.

Allow me to illustrate:

For many years, pharmacists have enjoyed a comfortable living doing what they have "always done" with few setbacks.

  • The same way you spent your youth doing whatever you like, eating whatever you want with little consequence.

For the last 20 years, pharmacists have known that they've needed to change the way they practice and start utilizing our extensive training for superior patient care. Most do this sometimes, but spend the majority of time just dispensing because it's easier to just keep doing what you're used to.

  • The same way you know that you should eat better, exercise regularly, lose weight, quit smoking, etc ..... You attempt it once in a while, but you still pretty much keep doing what you've always been doing because it's easier and you like it that way and you really have no reason not to.

In the last 10 years, pharmacy has just absorbed the cuts that government has imposed. Sure, everybody complains but there is never any actual resistance. We just make a few adjustments at the time and then carry on as before.

  • The same way you start feeling a few of the aches & pains that generally start in middle age, or you start getting sick a bit more often, or you even have something major like a heart attack. You do what you need to get over that particular situation- medication, surgery, rest, etc. Then once you feel better everything goes back to normal, despite the fact that you know that changing things would probably prevent it from happening again.

These latest cuts to pharmacy, however, are so huge that we can't possibly ignore them and pharmacists are finally standing up to the government. If we had stood up to them in the past AND changed the way we practice earlier, we would probably not be in this dire situation. Time will tell if our actions are too little too late.

  • The same way you may end up with a disease diagnosis that will forever change your future, like cancer or diabetes. You will be forced to deal with it or suffer fatal consequences. You will have to change your life at that point just to survive and chances are that your life will be shortened because you waited too long. And will you go back to your old ways after the initial crisis is over? Many people do...

Pharmacists knew this would eventually happen- it was just a matter of when. You also know the writing on the wall for your health- it's the norm for you to slowly die for the last 20 years of your life.

Okay, enough with the gloom. I prefer to be positive, but I feel that sometimes it helps to have it spelled right out for you. I hope my analogy makes sense to all you non-pharmacists out there (really, you could substitue any profession in there I bet and still relate).

Here's why I'm telling you this: YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR HEALTH DESTINY!

Stop procrastinating and start doing the things you know you need to do TODAY!:

  • Drink lots of water every day
  • Eat nutritious, low glycemic foods
  • Stop eating processed foods
  • Eat 5-10 servings of veggies & fruit everyday
  • Take a high quality supplement that also has lots of antioxidants
  • Increase your fiber intake
  • Exercise regularly
  • Lose that extra weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Get enough sleep

None of this is hard at all, it's just a matter of making it a priority. Change IS difficult, but it's so worth it when it comes to your health.

Health is one of those things that you don't think about until it's gone. Once that happens, you will do anything, pay anything to get it back.

Don't wait until it's too late! You must start now...

I promise my next e-zine will be less political and more information packed- it's all that's in my brain at the moment. ;-) I figured once in a while you just need a kick in the butt though, ya know?

I will now step down off of my soapbox...

Because Laughter Really IS Good Medicine...

Seemed to fit with the theme...

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See you next month...

Good Health to You,

Kristy Russ, BScPharm
Pharmacist and Health Consultant

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