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The Flu Vaccine:
Is it necessary post-pandemic?

By special request, I am dedicating this month's e-zine to influenza. After all the hoopla last year, people are unsure what importance to place on getting a flu shot this year. Unlike last year though, the question isn't so much whether the vaccine is safe, as much as "Do I really need to bother getting it?"

Regarding safety: If you read my web-page from last year, swine flu prevention, you know that I was not convinced of the long-term safety of the H1N1 vaccine that was being given. My concern was with the controversial adjuvant that was used to boost the immune response.

This year, I have no concerns whatsoever regarding the safety of the vaccine being given. The H1N1 strain has been added to the "regular" influenza vaccines (Fluviral and Vaxigrip in Canada). These are the same vaccines that have been used for decades and have excellent safety profiles.

Regarding necessity: Well, since we are NOT in a pandemic, there is no reason that your risk of getting influenza is any greater this year than it was any other year(except last year of course).

So then the decsion is based on the risk to you if you DID catch influenza. The majority of people just feel horrible for a week or two and make a full recovery with no complications. Influenza can have some serious complications, though- most people don't realize that it's responsible for about 500,000 deaths per year worldwide.

I would recommend immunization for the following people:

  • People at high risk of complications from influenza:
    • Adults and children with chronic health conditions (eg, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, cancer, immunodeficiency, kidney disease, anemia, etc.)

      Interestingly, the risk of a heart attack is decreased by 20% in those vaccinated against influenza.

    • Residents of nursing homes or chronic care facilities
    • People >65 years
    • People with kidney disease
    • Healthy children 6–23 months of age

  • Healthy pregnant women. Pregnant women have 18 times the rate of hospitalization due to flu complications and vaccination seems to protect the infant from influenza in the first 6 months of life. There are several studies as well as decades of use to document the safety of flu vaccination during pregnancy.
  • People capable of transmitting influenza to those at high risk (eg. healthcare workers, members of the same household)
  • Morbidly obese people(BMI >40), aboriginal people, and healthy children ages 2-4.
    • These people experienced more hospitalizations due to complications from H1N1 last year. It's unsure whether seasonal flu will affect them the same, but since there may still be some H1N1 circulating, it's a sensible precaution.

If you don't fall into any of the above categories, then it's really your own decision. It certainly doesn't hurt to get it, but whether it's important to get it? I would have to say no. It's definitely NOT a pleasant experience to deal with influenza, though. Trust me on that!

And now I'd like to dispel some of the myths surrounding the flu shot:

  • MYTH #1- The flu vaccine can give people the flu.

    Reality: The virus has been killed, so it is not capable of causing an infection. Less than 2% of people who get the vaccine will experience flu-like symptoms 24-48 hours after their shot. This is just an individual’s unique immune response to the vaccine rather than a case of influenza. These side effects are short-lived and much less severe than if you actually had the infection.

    Also, protection from the vaccine takes about 2 weeks to develop, so if you are exposed to the virus during that time, you may still get it.

  • MYTH #2- The flu vaccine doesn’t work (ie: Got vaccinated and still got the flu).

    Reality: The vaccine is 90% effective in preventing influenza in healthy young adults. For those who DO get influenza despite being vaccinated, their illness is usually much less severe. In the elderly, the vaccine is not as effective in preventing the actual disease, but is very effective in preventing complications from it (ie: hospitalizations and death).

    Also, people tend to use the word “flu” to describe many illnesses that aren’t actually influenza and there are many other types of infections that cause flu-like symptoms. The flu vaccine only protects against true influenza, so usually the problem is that the person had a different type of infection that felt like the flu.

  • MYTH #3- The side effects from the vaccine are worse than the flu.

    Reality: The people who say this have obviously never had a true case of influenza. Most people experience little or no side effects. As discussed above, those rare people who get flu-like side effects from the vaccine should be comforted in the fact that they only have to deal with some mild discomfort for a day or two, instead of the severe symptoms that can last for weeks if they actually got the flu. For those high risk groups, we’re talking about major problems like pneumonia, hospitalization or death. Obviously, the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks of side effects.

  • I'm not sure about the U.S., but as far as I know here in Canada, the flu vaccine is available free of charge to everyone. It used to only be for those at high risk. There are usually several drop-in clinics offered in your area during October and November, so look into it and protect yourself for this season.

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